Mentalport as an employee offering

From now on mentalport exclusively offers its B2B partners the following:
Carrying out the risk assessment of mental stress in accordance with §5 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act at special rates. We are the first offering that can integrate results into in-app coaching as an employee-level health and safety measure. We coach your employees to their best mental health, leading to well-being and performance.

Why is the risk assessment carried out in connection with private app use in the company?

  • Quite simply: Because we are the first service that can directly incorporate the findings of the risk assessment into the anonymous coaching sessions for employees.

  • We help employees to cope better with the given conditions.
    Previously, employers had to painstakingly try to improve working conditions based on the risk assessment.

  • We take pressure off employers by being the first offering what can support the employee side anonymously, digitally and cost-efficiently in everyday life.

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